You will need
  • standard package of documents for registration of, the site.
Rules of registration of registration of public associations required package of documents, namely, articles of Association, minutes of the General meeting of shareholders, the registration statement, including information about the governing body, information about the founders, the initiators of the NGOs, the position of branches (if any), the receipt of payment of the registration fee. These documents are provided in two copies in the territorial administration of the Ministry of justice. Registration can take one month or more. The current legislation makes the registration of civil society organizations is problematic. In order to facilitate his work, you can register ANO – Autonomous non-commercial organization. Such organizations are registered as standard, as well as IP and LLC, and the registration process takes only a week.
Beautiful navanandana of the organization must be clear, well placed on the ear, not too long and positive. When choosing a name, do not focus on what type of activities going to do – life can develop so that the activities may change, but the name will remain the same. Better in the name of the organization to define its territorial distribution, for example, to associate it with the name of the hometown or region.
Activities should be duchense the company is exposed to a huge number of social problems. When choosing the direction they are going to do, it makes sense to consider their professional knowledge, experience and skills, as well as what is in you soul.
Goals and sagaciously you choose the direction of the organization, shall describe the goals and objectives it was designed to solve, and what tools you are going to do it.
Public relations, work with, pressolat a very important point in the development of the organization and to further society's attitude to it. Work with the press regularly and friendly, remember that the journalist can become a reliable assistant and a stumbling block in the way of successful development. Be honest and positive with the press and with society, and the reputation of your organization will be your main support in the success.
Website organizationality site - a prerequisite for modern public figures. Let it be a small resource, but it needs to be informative and constantly updated, especially the sections "news" and "Information to the press."
Employees and like-minded people the early formation and development of the organization's main helpers in the work will be your associates who understand the importance of this work and who know the essence of problems to be solved. But with the development of the organization and increase the workload of the help of friends and associates will be sufficient. Involve journalists, lawyers, young professionals (they may be useful practice), public figures, known and respected residents of your city.
Finansirovaniya sponsors. Do not try to solicit large sums of money – your organization must first earn a solid, positive reputation, a name that will be associated useful things, socially significant action and facts specific assistance. Patrons and sponsors will be more willing to financially support your organization if they see that it brings them a significant public dividends and positive effect on their image.