Unfortunately, to fix a defect on a sheepskin coat most likely you will have to turn to professionals. Repair of sheepskin coats have been successfully specialized fur company or private masters, who have the equipment to sew leather and fur. Alone at home it makes sense to repair only small defects.
For example, home repairs can be carried out if you find sheepskin coat gap along the seam. To fix this sheepskin coat, you will need to purchase thread the same color and the same thickness as on the product and skewer with thread seam existing holes. This work requires accuracy and thoroughness. It is important that after such repair the seam does not unravel is to do a couple of stitches beyond the gap.
Keep in mind that if the tear was not for the seam, and on a smooth stretch of shearling, and even in a prominent place, repairing it yourself is not worth it.
Quite often need to repair not the sheepskin, and the castle-zip. In this case, no need to immediately run to the Studio, to completely alter the clasp. If you have broken only the slider, you could replace it. To do this, using pliers remove the slider, view it room and buy in any sewing store similar. To put a new lock on the old site, you should not straighten it, as is often done. Better to just pull the top of the iron latch on one side of the zipper, put "dog" with pliers and re-attach the retainer.
In that case, if damage were found in the zipper teeth, the thing will have to pass in the Studio. It is unlikely you will be able to sew a new clasp on their own – the sewing machine will not sew a fairly thick fabric doublenow.
At home you can also paint coats. This is true, if things are indelible spots or if the color just tired of you. To paint a sheepskin coat, first thoroughly clean it of dirt and dust. Then take a special paint for the hair, dilute the sachet in half a litre of distilled warm water (the temperature of the solution should be no higher than 50 degrees, otherwise the coat can become hard and sit). Add the vinegar according to the instructions on the packaging of paint, apply the solution on the brush and begin to RUB it into the suede.
Walk this way 2-3 times across the surface of the sheepskin. Then add to the solution some more vinegar and paint mascara on the material again after 15-20 minutes. Rinse the coat with a solution of water and vinegar (1%), and then another rinse with running water. Dry the product at room temperature, away from heat sources.