Advice 1: How to treat prothrombin

Prothrombin is an essential component of the coagulation system. Prothrombin complex is a plasma protein, which belongs to globulins. It can be activated in case of certain conditions. For example, if defects or injuries of the vessels will begin its accelerated receipt from destroyed platelets of blood, from the tissues.
How to treat prothrombin
Determine the level of prothrombin in the blood can be difficult. The reason is that the molecules of this protein is quite complex and large, they easily break, so to separate the prothrombin from other proteins is very difficult. So what about the availability of the specialists is judged by his activity. To this end, the laboratories used the so-called prothrombin index first calculated the prothrombin time, i.e. the duration of clot formation in the blood, adding a set number of activators (of thromboplastin and of calcium chloride). Then compares the obtained patient's rate with the average healthy person. The norm is 93-107%.
With a lack of prothrombin, you may receive the bleeding, and sometimes even dangerous bleeding. An increased amount of the protein is fraught with thrombosis, and this in turn threatens to heart attacks and strokes (especially in atherosclerosis). By itself, the prothrombin negatively no effect. But since it depends on blood clotting, you need to make sure that he was fine.
In order to reduce the concentration of prothrombin in the blood, the patient should consume as much as possible the quantity of liquids: soups, juices, water. It is also desirable to include in your diet fruits and vegetables. Under these conditions the blood would not thicken dangerous, and the likelihood of thrombosis will be reduced to zero.
Furthermore, it is known that the biosynthesis of prothrombin is regulated by vitamin K. Based on this, you should reduce the intake of foods containing this vitamin. These include radish, Aronia, legumes, bananas. Give up herbs that increase blood clotting: these include plantain, nettle, yarrow, tansy, immortelle and sushenitsu.

Advice 2: How to treat platelets

Human blood is unique in its composition, and its effects on the body are paramount. The composition of blood plasma consists of many particles and MICROTEL vital to our body. The lack of some kind of Taurus, is it a smaller or larger amount can lead to extremely serious and even deadly diseases. Knowing how to treat the plateletscan help to avoid disastrous consequences.
How to treat platelets
The decrease or increase in platelet count in the blood is equally bad for the human body. If you have increased bleeding, ie, bleeding from the sinuses, gums, rectum, heavy menstrual bleeding, constantly has bruises and hematomas, it can be a sign that the number of platelets in the blood is reduced. Be sure to hand over analyzes. If the result is less than 140000 is thrombocytopenia, need a course of treatment.
If the disease is detected in a timely manner, you can successfully treat the platelets at home.
The first thing you need to pay attention to your diet. Food should be healthy and nutritious. Contraindicated pickled foods, spicy foods and alcohol. Ensure that among the products used were those that are rich in vitamins A, C, R.
Eat almonds and peanuts, make a tea from the leaves cranberries – this will help to improve the performance of blood clotting.
Another tool in the fight against thrombocytopenia can be a decoction of medicinal herbs and plants – use acacia flowers, black rowanberry, the root of bergenia, barberry leaves, oak bark, leaves of grapes.
Be sure to consult your doctor about what medications you can or cannot apply beyond what you are told. Drugs such as aspirin, papaverine, indomethacin, troksevazin and some other use not recommended as they affect the status and number of platelets in the blood. To increase the number of platelets, your doctor may prescribe corticosteroids and immunoglobulin.
If the level of platelets you have upgraded, then it is thrombocytosis. The disease is acquired, i.e. is a consequence of another disease. You need to find out the cause of thrombocytosis.
As for treatment, in this case aspirin, you will be just helpful, as it thins the blood.
Abstain from alcohol, otherwise your so thick blood will begin to form clots.
An acidic environment is deadly for platelets. The use of sour natural drinks will help to reduce their level.
You can also apply anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, but do not buy drugs without prescription. The list of drugs that can be taken for the treatment of thrombocytosis, quite large, but the factors and contraindications that must be considered, not less. The decision should be taken only by a doctor.
Useful advice
When selecting funds, as the folk and traditional, be very careful, because thrombocytosis and thrombocytopenia are antithetical diseases. The wrong choice can aggravate the situation.
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