You will need
  • Passport or equivalent document, title document, access to the Internet.
Cadastral numbers have no land plot only if it is not on the account in cadastral chamber. Thus, to obtain the cadastral number, you need to put your site on the cadastral account. Prepare the title document. This can be testimony on the allocation of the you area on the right of private property, the decision on the provision of land on lease, an extract from the household book, which will give the local administration. If nothing like you do not, you will have to search for relevant documents in the archive. Currently, extended the validity of the so-called "dacha Amnesty" (a simplified registration of a land plot) until 2015. Therefore, any document confirming your right to the land plot shall be adopted for staging it on state cadastral registration. Make a copy of your title document. On the Portal of state services in section "real Estate" learn the address and mode of operation of the cadastral chamber.
The cadastral registration of the land plot is free of charge. Moreover, if you are a busy man, involved in this question can be asked of any of their loved ones. Your passport information is not needed. The applicant must come to the cadastral chamber with his identity document. To implement the formulation of land cadastral registration is not required the power of attorney.
With the help of a specialist cadastral chamber complete the application on registration of a land plot cadastral registration. Get a receipt that you left the relevant documents and wrote a statement. It should be save to the date of receipt of the cadastral passport of the land plot.
After 20 working days from the date of application can come and get cadastral passport, which will contain the cadastral number assigned to you on registration of land.