Before you start the definition, you should understand that all four pairs of signs that you will see, are present in every human being. Just some kind of sign in the pair is stronger. And it is necessary to navigate.
Find out you rational, or irrational. Rational – neat, reasonable, everyone in my life reads. Not like when he is a distraction and a waste of time, effort, and money. He first thinks. The irrationals – the complete opposite. Absent-minded, forgetful, dreamy, drifting. This type of first make.
If you have related yourself to the irrationals, determine the sensation you or Intuit. The sensation is down to earth. Down to earth – meaning the earth, in contrast to floating in the clouds of Intuit. The sensation is focused on the objective, your bodily sensations, smells, tastes, etc. of Intuit focuses on the subjective perception, sense of time, often lives in the past, trying to understand yourself.
Now we will explain you logic or ethics. Logic – good knowledge of facts and events, analyze, and safely operate facts and figures, "live head". Ethics – has a great sense of people, relationships between them and perceive the world through the prism of his relationship to anything. Justify their actions – "I want!"
The next step is look you introvert or extrovert. An extrovert sees itself as part of objective reality. A better incentives it gets from the outside and the emotions it gives only to the external environment. Easily takes responsibility for others. Introvert fully trust her thoughts, desires and feelings. It is difficult to establish a relationship he cherishes. Not like when attention is riveted to him.
Now determine your personality type. Do you think of the irrational. If you Intuit, logics and extrovert, your personality type - don Quixote. Of sensation, ethics, and introverted – Dumas; of sensation, logic and extroverted – beetles; Intuit, ethics and introvert – Yesenin; the sensation, ethics, and extroverted – Napoleon; Intuit, logics and introvert – Balzac; Intuit, ethics and extrovert – Huxley; of sensation, logic and introverted – Gabin.
If initially you identified yourself as a rational, first to see, you logic or ethics, then the intuition or sensation, and finally – an extrovert or an introvert.
Now watch socionic types of the rationals and look for yourself. Ethics, sensation and extroverted – Hugo; logic, intuition and introverted – Robespierre; ethics, intuition and extroverted – hamlet; logic, sensation and introverted - Maxim Gorky; logic, intuition and extroverted - Jack London; ethics, sensation and introverted – Dreiser; logic, sensation and extroverted – Stirlitz; ethics, intuition and introvert Dostoevsky.