Schizoid personality people are distinguished by the increased responsibility and constancy. They live in a world of illusions, nourish fond hopes to change their lives for the better. In communication they are a little dry and formal, I prefer to keep a distance and reluctant to talk about himself. They don't really follow fashion – I prefer practical, comfortable clothes. Schizoid can be recognized by angular movements, monotone voice and jerky speech. Usually, the facial expressions he is almost absent. Circle of friends it is small, but they are reliable.
Isteroid, on the contrary, very sociable, communicative and it is not a problem to gain the confidence of the interlocutor, he is able to use other people's weaknesses and manipulate people. He likes to attract attention, he loves showing off, loves to be in sight. Such people try to stand out from the crowd with bright, eye-catching clothes, extravagant dress, use accessories. We have a beautiful, persuasive voice in conversation, they use motion and rich facial expressions. They like everything new and unusual.
The person who refers to the epileptic type, characterized by accuracy, thoroughness, punctuality, and diligence. This man is a conservative, reliable and prudent. To dress up the people like prefer classically, their conversation relaxed and thorough. Pragmatic, do not niggle. If you collect something, collect the collection will have practical value.
Hypertime distinguishes the stamina and energy. He is enterprising and inclined to make risky behavior, he likes to simultaneously perform many things and they have it. Has an expressive voice and lively, figurative speech. Talking, gesturing. Usually has a sense of humor and is the soul of any company, it needs a constant environment. Has lots of different Hobbies, dress fashionably, but modestly, and has a good taste.
Astenik – meticulous and thorough but doesn't like to take the initiative. It is easy to manage and not inclined to be ambitious, conscientious and careful artist, modest, honest, diligent. His Hobbies generally quiet activities – puzzles, chess, reading. His clothes are modest and understated. Has a quiet voice, indistinct diction.