You will need
  • - cleaning gels or sprays;
  • - citric acid;
  • - vinegar;
  • - sponge;
  • - toothbrush;
  • a tool for glass and mirrors;
  • - spray bottle.
Wash showers produced a lot of special tools. For Example, "Business", "M. Muscle", "Luxus", "OROfresh". For showers, use of polystyrene "Tilex" or "Fresh Shower". But it is not necessary to use these tools, you can use any cleaning gels or sprays. But you can't use powders, as they contain too coarse abrasive particles that can damage the plexiglass or acrylic.
Dampen the wall of the cabin with warm water and apply some of the cleaning gel on a soft sponge. Active movements clean shower cubicle inside and out, wait a while and rinse with clean water. In tight spaces, try to remove dirt with an old toothbrush, but try hard not to RUB, or can appear mikrotreschinki. Rinse need thoroughly, otherwise there will be white stains on the glass.
You can also clean wall shower citric acid. Dissolve sachet acid (10 grams) in 100 ml of warm water and pour the liquid into a spray bottle. Spray the composition on the walls of a shower enclosure and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. RUB with a sponge and rinse with warm water. If sediments from the water was not laundered by this method, then increase the concentration of citric acid, add 100 ml of water 2 packets. Instead of pineapples suitable and vinegar, it should be about 20 ml per 100 ml of water.
If you have a fungus in the shower, treat the wall with a weak solution of bleach. Rinse well with clean water and towel dry, then the room should be aired.
To add Shine, take a soft towel and lightly soak it in liquid for Windows and mirrors. Wipe the Cabinet from all sides. This will remove stains that have formed as a result wash the various cleaning gels and protect it from settling dust particles.