Femininity and health

On a subconscious level, more sexy men seem to be woman with bright signs of their sex – small waist, ample bosom, long hair, smooth movements and a light step, and beauties with clean skin, a fresh glow and bright eyes. All these signs talking about the abolition of women's health, including hormone levels, and, consequently, that she can give birth to wonderful children.

To open your sexuality, take care of yourself and your health, wear feminine clothing that accentuates a sexy shape. Get rid of excess hair on the face and body is not only unsightly, but also indicates elevated levels of the male hormone testosterone.

Love for yourself

To feel his sexuality is impossible without loving yourself and your body. If you are going to feel comfortable in your body, no man will pay attention to a mismatch of model parameters. Many men love to watch women love take care of yourself: brush your hair, pamper your skin with creams, scrubs, gels, etc. But if you're going to focus men on their faults – he will begin to see them, not your strengths.

Sensuality and knowing your body

Really sexy woman knows her body, able to bring delight and to show the man the most sensitive point. Explore your body using stroking and touching, find the erogenous zones, learn how to receive pleasure. Wear sexy lingerie and clothes from pleasant for the body material, puts the skin the sun and breeze, enjoy the aromas of flowers – thanks to your sensibility will evolve continuously. And with the growth of sensuality and sexuality will change your motion, flexibility – you will become more flexible, unhurried, gentle.


To discover and develop sexuality help and some types of dancing. Belly dance refers to the ancient ritual practices aimed at developing sensuality. This dance allows a woman to feel own body, increase its plasticity. Mandala – one more dance, enhancing femininity and sexuality. In the East it is believed that the mandala changes the power of women. Strip-dance – modern-sensual dance that helps the woman to loosen up. Strip-dance will change your plastic, make the movement is so sexy that it will start to notice all the surrounding men.