Advice 1: How to find the serial number of the stick

Flash, like any other property of the organization that are not related to supplies, are subject to mandatory inventory and registration with the balance. To identify each drive, you must know its serial number.
How to find the serial number of the stick
Serial numbers from flash drives can be two. First serial number is the alphanumeric code that the manufacturer indicates on the body of the flash drive. To learn it, take the flash drive and thoroughly inspect it. The serial number is usually placed at the back of the case, although sometimes it may be listed on one of the internal elements of the flash drive. In this case, in order to obtain your serial number, you will have to disassemble the drive. This serial number is not unique: the manufacturer marks this code all flash cards are the same model. So if each flash drive you need to assign a unique identification code, you should use the second serial number.
A second code, which can also be considered a serial number is written in software flash, if that had been manufactured to specification (as are the majority of modern flash drives). This room is called InstanceId and is unique for each flash (if the flash drive was not manufactured according to specification, the InstanceId is generated by the operating system).
To learn InstanceId, go to the registry editor (open the start menu - Accessories - Command prompt, at the prompt, enter the command "regedit" and hit "enter").In the registry editor, on the left is the folder Explorer. Using it, open the folders in this order: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlsetenumusb. In the last folder "USB" will be a folder containing information on your flash drive. Opening it, you will see an alphanumeric, which is the required serial number.
Examining the flash drive, be careful and very neat. Even with a small impact on the contacts of the flash drive can fail.

If the housing of the flash drive soldered or are not designed for manual disassembly use the second serial number.

Advice 2 : ID like to learn flash cards

To know the ID of the flashcard is necessary in few cases. This may be due to the binding navigators and other portable systems to certain maps. In this case, there must be a way of viewing information through the menu of the device.
ID like to learn flash cards
You will need
  • - card reader.
Carefully inspect the packaging of your removable drive, it is possible that it contains one of its elements the information about the identification number of the device. This is the easiest way to find out the ID of the flash card.
Use an in-car Navigator Garmin, to learn the identifier of the flash card. To do this, insert it into the designated slot in the navigation device, turn it on and log in to the service menu Garmin.
Press and hold the screen in the corner of the icon with a battery. In some models you need to click on the clock.
Go to the menu called “Data card test page” and write down the serial number of the drive. You can also use the other browser, the sequence of actions will be about the same.
If you have a smartphone or PDA, check the identification number of the removable drive through it. For this you will need additional software to display information about the connected mobile device the memory. Such programs are many, they are developed separately for each platform, but not all of them are working properly. The flash card must be inserted into the appropriate compartment in the phone, then it should load.
Use special software, for example, the program Everest to find out the ID of the memory card. To do this, connect it to the computer using a card reader and view the configuration of disk devices, it is possible that using one of these programs you will get to know the flash ID card.
Also try to use different file managers, which are installed in mobile devices and in computer memory.
Useful advice
Do not throw the packaging and documentation from devices and memory cards.
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