When working with the WebMoney many users use the program Keeper Classic. One of the options it suggests the presence of the computer key file. If you forgot what folder you saved it, you have the opportunity to find the key file by its name or extension. The name of the file corresponds to a 12-digit WMID number to your account in the WebMoney system and has the extension *.kwm.
Open "Start" - "Search". Enter your WMID or the extension of the file keys *.kwm. Click "Find". All found files will be displayed in the search box. Click on the found key file right-click and select the context menu item "Open object folder".
Working with Keeper Classic, do not store the key on the computer in the clear. It is best to keep it on a flash drive, plug-in for working with WebMoney. A backup of the key package in the archive and put a password, that copy can be stored on the computer. Remember that it is much safer storage of keys to choose a remote repository E-NUM. Authorization in this case is via SMS, which significantly increases the safety of working with WebMoney.
The key files needed for the work of most antivirus programs. If you work with the program Dr. Web key file is called drweb32.key and is located in the Program Files folder anti-virus program. The Kaspersky antivirus key file on your computer is not stored, it only makes in the registry appropriate entry.
What if you don't have the correct key file? When working with Kaspersky anti-virus you can use the free monthly trial keys can be obtained on the website of Kaspersky lab. For Dr.Web there are coffee key files officially issued to the readers of computer magazines. This key is fully functional, its validity is limited to one-two months.