You will need
  • - scissors;
  • - comb.
There are many omens associated with the first haircut one year old baby. Bobbed hair was washed in water and buried in the earth for the best of the crop; about the head of the child Ter eggs to chickens better swept, and coins for success in money matters. It is believed that a child born with hair, brings prosperity and wealth.
Note that from a scientific point of view proved that the haircut or shave bald (as I do) almost does not affect their growth. The fact is that the number of hair follicles and the growth rate of the hair is laid on the genetic level. This means that if mom and dad have thick hair, it will be the same and their child.
Be aware that the quality of the hairline significantly influenced by such factors as the health of the baby, the correct selection of cosmetics for hair care (there are special baby shampoos and balms), food crumbs. The approximate rate of hair growth from child to one year is one centimeter per month, respectively, the need to cut arises exclusively for hygienic reasons.
Put the baby on a chair or keep it on hand. It is important to distract the child, as the procedure of trimming hair for it is not yet known, so it can get scared. Ideally, the mother cuts her and dad distracts or Vice versa. Sing your favorite songs to your little one, fun to talk with him.
Comb the bangs cut off and it was a couple of inches. You can also slightly cut and the hair in the temple area, if they interfere with your son or daughter. This will be enough.
The cut "under zero" with the help of machines, and the more shaving the head might scare the baby, for a long time repulsed the desire to carry out hairdressing treatments. In addition, it can cause irritation to the delicate skin of the head, as well as mechanical damage to hair follicles.
There is also an omen: the day of the birth of the baby when he turns a year old, put his hands on one of the godparents, and the other cuts her child. First astrogate curl at the top (bangs), then bottom, then right temple, then left (in the shape of a cross). Shorn curls do not throw away, and hide in an envelope. This is necessary in order to help your toddler grow up healthy and happy.
Take year-old son or daughter to the hairdresser. Well, if he already knows that place was here with mom or dad, and saw aunt is a sorceress did parents of beautiful hairstyles. Surely he wants to wait, because kids want to imitate adults.