First log in to Windows under administrator account of the computer.
Go to "Windows control Panel". To do this, click on the following menu items: "start" -> "settings" -> "control Panel".
Select "user Accounts". In the opened window, click again "user Accounts".
Next, you need to click on "Manage another account". Then select the administrator account.
Select "create a password".
In the "Enter new password" you must enter your desired password. It will need to be repeated in another field named "Enter password for confirmation." In order not to forget the password, enter in the appropriate field of the tip. After entering and confirming it, click "Create a password". If both times they were the same, the password will be installed. Otherwise, you must re-enter your password and confirm it.
If step 6 is passed successfully, then at this point you will be prompted to protect your documents in computer from attacks of other users. Pick your own favourite item. In this simple way you have set a password. To verify the success of the operation, just reboot the computer.