Go to the main page
Look at the left side of the page. See there is the word "Mail" and next to it the words "Register with email".
Click on the words "Check in the mail" with the left mouse button.
A page appears with lots of rectangles, which is required to enter the required data. We enter them. Name, surname and town may be written in Russian letters. To fill the column "mailbox" required Latin. But the Internet will suggest possible options. It is better to choose some of them, otherwise it can be a long and hard to find is not occupied options login other users. When completing this column, in fact, generated username, which then will be required to enter the Inbox. It will need to remember, as well as the password which is created in the following graph and is repeated again in order to remembering has passed faultlessly. Such a system of repetition excludes errors.
But the mobile phone is optional. Then you need left mouse button to click on the words "no mobile phone" and fill in the string "Secret question" and "Answer". Additional e-mail you can not enter, even if he is.
Below is the checkbox next to the inscription "to Create a personal page on My Мир@Mail.Ru". If you don't want to create a page in the project my world, and only want to do mail on then a tick should be removed by clicking the left mouse button on it.
After the manipulations, the left mouse button click on the word "Register". In fact, Inbox is ready.