You will need
  • the computer is installed office software
Create a form table to your database of clients. For this purpose we need to understand what you want to see in the database. Start similar documents, usually with the number"№p/p). In the following columns is rational to specify the name of the company, name of contact person and his contacts. You can then add columns to the orders placed/completed projects and pre-orders (those that are under discussion). In the Comments column you can specify the name of the responsible Manager from your company and the complexity of the work with a client that you need to pay attention to, and how to communicate with him. In principle, you can add any columns that you deem necessary.
Give the job to the managers. As a rule, all the information you need is already available in notebooks, diaries, computers, employees. Now you just need to structure it. It is necessary to give the form of a table to the managers and to explain their tasks. It is better to devote a whole meeting to tell the need for this work, specify the responsible employee to which managers will be able to come up with questions, and set clear deadlines of the task, for example, 1 week.
Keep the documents received from managers in a single database. It's simple – copy-paste. In result you will have a ready database of all customers of the organization. Now we need to place the database on the server. Need to open all managers access to the database so that all changes have been made in a timely manner. This will help to constantly monitor the quality of work of employees.