You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - business cards;
  • website;
  • website for subscription;
  • - money on advertising;
  • phone.
Expand the scope of their experience. If you've been on for a long time, for example, only the sale of policies for motorists, think about life insurance or retirees. This is the most relevant area, in which you can get a good income. In our country a lot of retirees (both present and people close to retirement age) and other persons indirectly interested in these services.
Create a themed website. Without the use of the Internet is now virtually impossible to conduct business. More and more people connect to the world wide web on a daily basis. This also applies to older adults. The site should be clearly spelled out services, reviews by former clients, the benefits of cooperation with you and contact information.
Guide a competent advertising campaign on the Internet. Create a separate website-funnel, which make subscription form for potential customers. Ask the e-mail address and the name of the person in exchange for a free consultation or any other service.
Promote your location through subscription sites and distribution partners who are also engaged in insurance or related business. After that you will be able to show subscribers to your main website with a full range of services.
Make business cards and distribute them in places where potential customers. Let them be not less a couple hundred. Enter brief information about their services, address and telephone number. Let's card not only to its current customers, but also anyone who may indirectly be interested in these services. For this purpose, suitable shopping malls and offices.
Write some ads in the Newspapers advertising your city. Read them quite a lot of older people. Don't take the money and make a string Declaration, written in bold in the frame. All of this will be repaid with interest after a couple of weeks of this advertisement.