You will need
  • - Working fabric;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - sewing pins;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Run a hem around the edge of the sample woven fabric. For better fixation of the staple folded edge with pins perpendicular to the seam line of the future hidden. Enter the needle from the inside and make a thin, inconspicuous knot.
Make the hem a stitch ' forward needle and pull the thread. Now you should be very careful not to pull the surface of the fabric, grab a needle one strand of the main cloth and gently tighten. Repeat the stitches until the end of the work, but from time to time turn the sample and ensure that the outside wasn't noticeable pulled threads .
Connect a hidden seam details soft toys: it pierce the fabric with the wrong side and pull the needle on the "face" of the work. Then on the front of the one detail you have to do one stitch.
Repeat the same stitch on the front surface of the other sewn items. Then you must carefully (avoiding wrinkles and assemblies on the canvas!) tighten the thread.
Do the stitches very small length, to the outside of the place of contraction of the parts was completely invisible. Bringing a hand line to the end, make a knot by slipping the needle under this small piece of fabric. Some craftswomen use a little trick: stretch the thread on the underside of the product through the seam or through the parts with the gasket. Only after that thread is cut at the exit point of the needle.