Think about what you are going to create a Museum. From the target will depend on the shape of your future activities. You may want to tell your countrymen and guests of your city about your values, show them interesting exhibits tell the story of your places. Maybe you intend in the future to create a club of like-minded people. By the way, those two goals may join. There is nothing wrong to make — but then it should be a unique Museum.
Select the room. At first it can be a school class, group, kindergarten room, office or even in your apartment. The ideal option would be the room owned. No matter - the first floor of a city house or your own house. It is desirable that the place was crowded. Otherwise, you will have to take care of advertising. The room you can rent, but in this case, you will very much depend on the rent and the mood of the owner of the building.
Decide who will work in your Museum. There is a small private Museum where the owner is also the Director and chief curator, and tour guide, and curator of exhibitions. Some time this existence possible. But inevitably there will come a time when you need to divide responsibilities. The Museum should be four or five employees. The chief curator must follow the exhibits, know what you need to refurbish that I need to purchase for replenishment of the exposition. You may need an accountant and a cleaner. It is unlikely you will be able to do it all on their own. Very well, if you will help your family members.
Determine funding sources and budget. If the Museum is in the apartment or at your cottage - automatically solved the issues with the utilities. In this case, you can save on cleaning, because its still do you or members of your family. But it will take some amount for the acquisition and restoration of exhibits and advertising. Think in advance where you will take them.
Decide how you will organize the tour. The school and municipal Museum has limited opening hours. In the private Museum located in the apartment or in the country, the system of work may be different. On excursions it is necessary to agree in advance on the phone with a guide. This is especially important if the Museum is not on the main street, and the tourists come from afar and need to meet them at the station.
Think of activities that will you in addition to tours and exhibitions. These can be meetings, meetings with students, presentations, and more.