You will need
  • - Network cable cross.
Purchase a network cable of the desired length. At both of its ends have to be located in the LAN connectors. For direct connection of two computers is recommended to use cables with a cross-crimped (cable crossover). Most modern network cards are able to determine the position of the lived and automatically tuned to perform the desired functions.
Turn on both mobile computer and connect to their network adapters cord you selected. Wait some time until the system will automatically detect the new network. When working with Windows Vista and Seven, select the type "Home network" after the appearance of the corresponding window. This will allow you to quickly configure the settings of the network.
Your local network consisting of two laptops, ready to work. If one of the mobile computers are connected to the Internet, such as via a USB modem, you can provide access to the second network device. For this, enable the use static IP address for the network adapter of a laptop that is already connected to the Internet.
In the settings of the second device is selected, specify the IP address by typing it in the field "Preferred DNS server" and "default gateway". Of course, in this case you must also use a static (permanent) IP.
If you have joined the computers in the local network for quick exchange of information between them, set specific permissions for the public folder. This will allow you to quickly access the desired files without worrying for the security of the operating systems. Remember that the standard Windows firewall and other programs that analyze traffic may block access to your computer.