The router – a device that combines multiple networks. Thanks to him, you will be able to share the Internetchannel. But first you need to decide: what kind of router you buy (depending on the set of extra features, the price may vary).Also before you buy a device, decide what it will be: wired or wireless(wi-fi). When buying a wired equipment in the set must go all the necessary cables, while purchasing a wireless router you will also need to buy two usb wi-fi adapter for providing wireless communication.
After purchasing the right equipment, you can directly proceed to the main objective, namely to install your router. Grab the manual, find the section "Installation", according to which and act. (Turn on the router, connect the Internetcable, install the software that comes with the device).
Next two options (depending on what device you purchased: a normal wireless router or wireless wi-fi(Wireless Fidelity).
After installing the Internetand on your home computer that you will have something like a server (after connecting the router with the network adapter of PC by cable), plug one end of the cable into the network adapter of the second computer, and the second, respectively, in the router. Next, install necessary software, and you'll be ready.
As soon as you perform the installation on one system, insert the usb wi-fi adapter in the second computer. Install the necessary software. And you're done!Now, after all the necessary operations, you can comfortably use the Internet on multiple computers.