You will need
  • Multiple computers
  • 1 a free network card in each computer
  • Wi Fi adapters
  • Network cables
  • Router
Connect via Wi-Fi. This method is appropriate if you do not acknowledge the wires inside the apartment, or you need to connect more computers than the number of slots available LAN to the routerE. To do this, buy the right amount of Wi-Fi adapters. We suggest to use the USB adapters, because the connection and setup takes less time. Insert the adapter into the USB port, install the drivers and software supplied. Then connect to the network handed out by your routerom.
How to connect <strong>router</strong> two <b>computers</b>
Connection via LAN ports. For maximum speed the exchange of information between computersand Internet access, it is recommended to use cable connect computers to the router. You need a free network card in the computer and the network cable a standard format. Connect the cable at one end to the network card and the other into a free LAN port on the routerE. you Wait for some time until the router determines a new device.
How to connect <strong>router</strong> two <b>computers</b>
To configure the correct operation of the network and the Internet follow these steps. Go to properties of this network connection and click configure Internet Protocol version TCP/IPv4. Select "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically". After performing the above steps, the router will be able to determine the IP and DNS addresses to your computers.
How to connect <strong>router</strong> two <b>computers</b>