The most paramount that you need to take when you try to change yourself externally and internally – is to understand what do you want from life. Imagine yourself as you could be. Like to look at ourselves. If the future seemed decent, so it is necessary to make a reality.
First you must create a plan of development for the next ten or fifteen years. To enter the global changes that you plan to do with your life. To prioritize and pursue him.
But the road to the dream was not too twisty, it can be divided into some certain milestones. For example, in two years you plan to go to graduate school in the next three to find a decent job and move up the career ladder, five to start a family etc Now this is the real steps that need to be specifically done in a certain period. Everything set. And dream of the distant and intangible began to turn into a reality to which you provide a clear timetable.
Setting yourself such plans, you will notice that become transformed internally. Your views on life become more pragmatic, you know exactly what you want. The confidence in the future, you know where you are going and what you will do in a year.
And with the internal changes will come and the external. You will become more confident of your gait, movements will become more forceful, the head will come up higher, the view becomes more open. Developing a sense of sociability, you will be friendly and tolerant attitude towards others. You will have new friends, new Hobbies. The world will change for you, you will feel the taste of life.
There is a desire to change the image to change completely. You will realize that you can manage your life. Will no longer cry from what you can't do something or something is not. You will struggle to achieve and step by step to move forward.
Most importantly, you need to understand is that if you want to change externally and internally, then you can do it. You only need to submit a realistic goal and make her first step. And go.