Observe yourself and understand what you would like to change the behaviour: habit (quit Smoking), reaction (very irritable), physical reaction (blotchy when communicating). Think how it would look like the ideal situation to which you aspire.
Describe the behavior that you want to achieve. Try not to use the particle "not". Instead of "I will not be annoyed by" write "I will better understand your interlocutor" or "develop patience".
Behavior cannot be changed against their will. Realize why you do it. Find as many pros in a new type of behavior. Looking for a benefit from the fact that you will change.
If you want to change a lot of things, stop. For two hares chase, no catch. Change your behavior gradually: first, work on one habit. When you see the progress, and secure with the new behavior, and only then, proceed to the next habit. To change firmly entrenched in life, you need a minimum of three weeks for acclimatization to unusual behavior.
Many people, changing something, try to remove or eradicate a certain type of behavior (e.g., never be annoyed). Instead, try to add to your Arsenal a new action or reaction (to react with humor). To buy something much easier and healthier than to get rid of what may someday come in handy. Not forbid his behavior on the old model. Let this method happen to you, but try to develop a new, which will lead to the cherished goal.
Implement a new mechanism for generating bonuses. Act. Appreciate the results. Emphasize the advantages of this type of behavior. Mark all your changes. Reward yourself for the work steps in the direction to the goal. Be positive. If the new method for life will be more efficient then the old will go from daily use. In the case where this does not occur again, consider the bonuses that you receive from the emerging behavior.
Seek help in the outside world and surroundings, from friends, in books, in movies you can get valuable information and information. Will contact the psychologist if you find it hard to cope with the situation.
Bragging publicly about that day, "H", you change. When you have promised a lot of people to do something, it will be hard to give up and not to keep his word.
Be prepared for sabotage. There will be times when the body wants to return to its previous state. Control this process. Again be aware of the benefits of the behavior that is sought. Friends, accustomed to your old habits, can cause you. Track yourself. Gently tell your friends that you have changed and now behave differently.