You will need
  • - mink;
  • Board;
  • pattern;
  • - comb;
  • blade;
  • - scissors;
  • - pins;
  • - backing cloth;
  • - the spray gun;
  • - cylindrical pad.
If you use the old cap, strut her gently, being careful not to damage the fur.
Mink fur can be deformed and parts of old caps, and new skins. To straighten it, wash the parts, and then a little pull and fasten to the Board. The same applies to mink. After such manipulation the fur will look great.
Choose a style for the new caps – flip through fashion magazines or watch some specialized sites. Guided by the style, make pattern hats. The finished pattern can also be found in special journals.
All items are cut using the blade. Brush the edges of the parts of the cap to cut comb out the fur.
Stitch the Darts on both sides of the cap from the base of the wedges. Details of cap stack, using ordinary pins that need to work across. Note that the Ironing allowance on the seams is not necessary – flatten them, using the rings of the scissors. Folding details, please note that the direction of the NAP should ideally be the same.
With a needle or pin to gently pull out the hairs of the fur from the seams. All the parts sew together. Do this carefully so that the skin was not stretched or collected. All seams to have come together in the center of the product.
Hem the lining. To do this, turn the cap inside out, place the lining, ensuring that all the joints necessarily coincide. Sew the lining to the hat, using flat seam.
When the cap is fully ready, DAB it inside and out with spray. Then put the product on the pad of cylindrical shape, give it a proper shape and fix with needles.
Some time the header needs to dry. After complete drying, take off your hat, comb it thoroughly and enjoy the result of his skill.