Advice 1: How to alter mink hat

When the going gets cold, people start to rummage through the cabinets in search of winter clothes. Often, among the many stuff you can find some long-forgotten thing, for example, a mink hatthat is long out of fashion. But do not rush to send it in the trash. Because mink fur is never out of fashion, and style caps can modify, alter her own hands. It's not as difficult as it seems at first glance.
How to alter mink hat
You will need
  • Old mink hat, sewing needles, fur, thread, pattern and sewing machine.
For a start, strut cap. Do this carefully so as not to damage the fur.
Mink fur can be slightly deformed, depending on what the style was old hat. In order to bring the fur to its former shape, wash it, then prekratite to the Board. Now, the fur will be smooth and beautiful, as good as new.
Select the style of the future cap and find or build a suitable pattern.
Further, on both sides of the cap from the base of the wedges stitch the Darts. While sewing do not forget to chipped or smatyvay the details of the hat with pins. I stick them across. This procedure will not shift grind. Allowances at the seams should not resaturate, straighten them using the rings of the scissors. Lint from the seams you need to gently pull out the needle.
Details stitch between. But watch carefully so that the skin is not stretched and did not preserialize. It plays a very important role. All seams must meet in the center.
Proceed to the final steps. Turn the hat inside out. Then put the lining so that all the seams matched. Hem the lining to the hat.
Useful advice
That's all. So you gave new life to her old mink hat. And in gratitude it will last you many more years as not only a means of insulation in deepest winter, but a stylish accessory.

Advice 2: How to alter old clothes

Once again, looking into your wardrobe, you find things that do not wear or slightly frayed. Throw your favorite clothes, of course, a pity. But these things to alter, "to breathe" new life into them, make the old brand new, fashionable and playful. A little imagination and a couple hours of free time will allow you to please yourself new clothes. Using these ideas, you can easily and quickly achieve the desired result.
How to alter old clothes
You will need
  • - old things;
  • different fabric, leatherette;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - needle, scissors, thread, ruler, crayons;
  • - the decorative ornaments and accessories.
The first thing to work on is a large knitted sweater. Probably, you already do not wear, in spite of its quality, because the modern outerwear keeps you warm. Of the knitted fabric makes a wonderful bag. So.
a) Strut sweater, iron the.
b) Tailor two identical parts for bags-wallets, it can be rectangles, squares, trapezoids – all what you like. Approximate dimensions: width – 40 cm height – 30 cm.
(c) of lining fabric, and best of quilted polyester batting (it will give the density of the product) tailor the same parts, but with dimensions of a centimeter less than described above. It will serve as a lining for bags.
(d) Sostrochite side and bottom seams, treat.
e) Now pass the lining in the crocheted part of the bag. To process the top edge, tailor leatherette obtachku, pristrochite it to the top of the bag so that it concealed both edges (unprocessed knitted fabric and lining).
(f) the Pens run out of leather in these bags they are mounted with decorative hardware. Make leather tabs, thread them in a metal ring and pristrochite the resulting details to knitted fabric just below the piping. The end of the handles thread into the rings and secure.
(g) as a decoration you can use large wood beads.
(h) Fasteners for such bags will serve as a metal button.
Every girl in the closet several pairs of jeans from them you could end up with a mini skirt. Try.
a) Take unnecessary jeans, preferably wide or flared. Strut stepper inner seams.
(b) the Bottom edge where the fabric is already worn and wiped, cut. The upper part of the jeans length to the level of mini-shorts, too, should be cut in order to obtain a smooth canvas. The resulting pieces of fabric athlete.
c) Measure your hips, add to the result of 20-25 cm
d) Now on denim (it is a 2-piece from leg) it should be noted these sizes. Skirt length – mini, at your discretion, a width of, for example, hip is 90 cm, plus 20 cm, 110 cm
e) you now have a skirt of two parts. Sew and finish the side and bottom seams.
f) Take the black elastic and pristrochite it on the upper edge. Also with rubber bands collect all the cloth. Perform parallel seams 5-6 cm on the skirt.
(g) This model completely hugs the figure and looks great, adding the applique of shells and beads.
What can be done with old shirts? The most simple is the new Mike.
a) Lay out the shirt and nemalite the lines corresponding cutouts "Mikey shoes". Cut off the sleeves, deepen armhole and make a V-neck.
(b) the edge of the fabric can be treated on the serger.
(c) That Mike does not look boring, you can make imitation beads and chains. To do this, collect a string of beads of different textures and secure it at the shoulder seams of the shirt. Then sew the metal chain in the same place, but of greater length. By analogy, create a cascade of ornaments using beads, glass beads, decorative pendants.
This is such a simple way you update your wardrobe.
If the first does not work, do not despair. Even from the broken things to make something new, just smaller.
Useful advice
Get ideas from magazines, fashion magazines and literature to sewing.

Advice 3: How to alter a t-shirt

Children grow so quickly that often recently bought in an expensive shop or a memorable journey clothes already bursting at the seams when you try to pull it. And this is almost an ideal state of things! If your child grew out of favorite t-shirts and does not want to part with it, you may want to give it a second life. The tee will benefit from the incident with her transformation. It will last a season, if you pick up the most problematic areas of the shirt – sleeves and length of the product.
How to alter a t-shirt
You will need
  • - Favorite shirt;
  • - unnecessary t-shirt (or other contrasting color suitable in tone to the color of your favorite t-shirt);
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - a sewing machine.
Lay your favorite shirt (let's call it main) which needs to be lengthened on the table. Attach it to any shirt (a size which is your child) with short sleeves. Align the openings of t-shirts and mark hem line short sleeves basic t-shirt.
From the new line of the bottom of the sleeves add two inches for seams. Do the same on the second sleeve. Cut off the excess length sleeveless basic t-shirt tailor's scissors.
Measure the child's arm you need a new sleeve length. Measure on the main t-shirt new (cropped) sleeve length excluding allowances and subtract this amount from the total you have measured the necessary length sleeves. You got podkralas length of the sleeve, whereby you extend the basic t-shirt.
Place the second prepared t-shirt, which you will need to cut the sleeves and bottom. Measure from the bottom of each sleeve received in the previous step-size, draw a line and add two inches for allowance. Cut parts of bags from unwanted shirts.
Put podkralas sleeve short sleeves basic t-shirt, folding the parts wrong side together. Align the seams of the sleeves and their sections. Tuck allowances inside each part, you will need to make a bent edge podkralas details was a couple millimeters below the fundamental, then in finished form from under the short sleeves basic t shirt will not be visible to the second layer of fabric.
Pin details round pins and prostrochite on the sewing machine, stepping back 1 cm from the edge. Thus, the sections of both parts of the sleeve will be inside. Treating them is not necessary, because the fine knit will not Ravel.
Sewn to the parts of the sleeves looked a bit alien, they can be maintained, sew to the lower edge of the main shirt cut off part of the bottom of the second t-shirt. It will also lengthen a too short shirt.
Cut the bottom of the shirt, the sleeves of which you've used to increase length sleeves basic t shirt. The height of the severed part determine and measure the required overall length along the back of the child and subtracting from it the length of the main t-shirt. Make a seam allowance of 2 cm, take a break.
Fold the allowance of the items received on the wrong side and fold it with the lower part of the main t-shirt wrong side so that the processed edge basic t shirt 1 cm beyond the edge podkralas details with bent stock. Pristrochite parts to each other, paving the stitching in the seam of the bottom hem of the main shirt.
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