You will need
  • Old mink hat, sewing needles, fur, thread, pattern and sewing machine.
For a start, strut cap. Do this carefully so as not to damage the fur.
Mink fur can be slightly deformed, depending on what the style was old hat. In order to bring the fur to its former shape, wash it, then prekratite to the Board. Now, the fur will be smooth and beautiful, as good as new.
Select the style of the future cap and find or build a suitable pattern.
Further, on both sides of the cap from the base of the wedges stitch the Darts. While sewing do not forget to chipped or smatyvay the details of the hat with pins. I stick them across. This procedure will not shift grind. Allowances at the seams should not resaturate, straighten them using the rings of the scissors. Lint from the seams you need to gently pull out the needle.
Details stitch between. But watch carefully so that the skin is not stretched and did not preserialize. It plays a very important role. All seams must meet in the center.
Proceed to the final steps. Turn the hat inside out. Then put the lining so that all the seams matched. Hem the lining to the hat.