First, you need to prepare different training programs, which will change depending on yourself whether you will be trained or under someone's watchful guidance. The choice depends entirely on you: you can easily submit other recommendations or exasperated? It may be better to purchase the tutorial, download the video, overlay books and teach yourself? If you have a strong will, if you feel that alone will achieve more, then the flag in your hands.
If you attend a course or find yourself a tutor, don't limit yourself to that gives you and the teacher. Try as much as possible to do in your free time. After all, many learning the language takes years, just because they don't set goals. If you have a goal, you will be engaged accordingly: an extra half hour a day, an hour a day. Search for materials on the Internet, buy the books, as there seems to be more difficult for you and slowly begin to learn them.
Best for independent work to choose books and movies, first adapted and simplified, then in the original. If you downloaded the movie, then watch it with subtitles, you can translate words, and then disconnect all the clues and try to understand what the characters say.If you want to learn quickly to speak, you can also enlist the help of movies. Turn on the subtitles, and repeat the words of the characters as fast as they say. At first it will be difficult, but it will get better, besides, in real life you come out with this very valuable ability - to talk fast.
Another important point - language. To learn it you will have yourself, even if you do with a teacher. No need to cram the words that you will never use. Learn to weed out these lexical items and prefer so that you can apply in any situation. So if you are just beginning to learn English, but ahead of time, I bought the book more difficult, first learn the material that you asked the teacher, and then refer to was discharged from the complicated benefits.
Since you have only one year to study the language, make a kind of program. Of course, alone you cannot do this: speak to the one who knows a lot about. He will advise you how to efficiently distribute their forces.Remember that every person differently understand the phrase "learn a language". For someone enough to learn a few basic expressions, and someone needs complicated business language or fluent spoken English at the level of a native speaker.