We must discard the complexes and to stop shade. If the person works in the field with which you are quite familiar with him no common interests, nothing wrong if you will say directly about that. Ask them to tell about what you don't know. Use the conversation as an occasion to broaden your horizons. Feel free to ask questions where something is not clear. Companion will pleasant your interest, he would be happy to communicate and find you interesting person.
Be a good listener. To keep the conversation going even if you do not own the main theme or exhausted. As a rule, in conversation interviewee mentions related details that directly to the main topic do not apply. Memorize them and when the conversation starts to fade, go back to them again and relive the conversation.
Sometimes the person with whom you are talking to, concise and detailed questions gives monosyllabic answers. In this case, use so-called "bridges" - the words "for Example", "you", "I". Hearing this word after a short answer, people will be forced to continue the conversation, explaining the idea in more detail. And conversation begin. Just remember that on the last word "bridge" is needed to emphasize and slightly lean backward, demonstrating a willingness to listen.
Use the magic action of the nod to maintain a conversation. Nodding to the interlocutor, indicating agreement with the speaker, unconsciously comes to the last of honesty. Even if he stopped to make a few more nods, and he starts talking again.
Use in conversation supportive and encouraging words of "Yes", "Understand", "True" or "go on, go on". These phrases encourage the interlocutor to keep the conversation going and comprehensive answers. The use of simple techniques will help to keep up a conversation with any person and to pass a pleasant conversationalist.