Advice 1: Where you can post a free ad

Ads are served if you need something to buy, sell, find or swap. Unlike advertising, an ad can be placed for free, and it will get a lot of responses. Free accept ads both local and national Newspapers, magazines, thematic sites.
Where you can post a free ad

To place an ad in the print edition

Newspapers, specialized in the production of taking their phone call through the completed coupon, SMS and your Internet site. The phone number of admissions office publications can be found in the newspaper, in the section "Contacts" or at the information Desk. Advertisement should be brief and informative at the same time. To start it is with key words, which formulates the content of all ads. For example, words like "sell", "buy", "wanted", "exchange". Contacts write your phone number, a valid email address.

Coupons handed out at the points of reception and printed in the newspaper where it should be neatly cut. To write text in block letters. Completed the coupon can be attributed to the same points of reception of the ads or put it in a special mailbox that's printed edition just for collecting coupons.

Today all Newspapers have their own websites through which accept ads. To send a message, fill in blank fields, select the desired category and leave contact information.

All ads are moderated, if necessary, the text edit. From one and the same person does not take more than three ads at a time.

Post free ads online

In the Internet there are many city portals, forums and message boards, free host ads. Many sites for placing your ad need to register. After check-in will open the personal Cabinet and the opportunity to place an ad. Using the Cabinet you can edit, remove, or raise to find your ad.

You shouldn't ignore social networks. To place an ad in your page, in groups. It is desirable to add high-quality photos for a quicker response. You can ask your friends to do the so-called "reposts" and "retweets" to distribute ads. Today this method of applying is considered the most effective.

To place ads around the city

To embed ads in the free stands around town, it is necessary to print the text to paste them in specially designated areas. It is not necessary to put up posters on fences, poles and bus shelters wipers quickly rip them out. Usually the ads placed in this way get a little feedback.

Advice 2: Where to post ads about services

Periodically, people have the need to tell others this or that information, for example to offer their services in any region. For this you can place your ad in one of the special sites.
Where to post ads about services
Sign up on one of the Internet sites and ads. The largest and popular Russian portal is where you can put your ad in the appropriate category in the section of the city. The site has a convenient search by key words and categories, so interested in your services clients will be able to quickly enter contact with you. Posted on the site are free, but if you want to ad more visible, you can select it and place on top of the other on a paid basis.
Use another handy site that belongs free newspaper ads "hand in hand", its representations are in many Russian cities. The website is similar in structure to "Avito", but it not only allows you to place an ad in electronic form, but also to order a printed publication in the newspaper "hand in hand" in your city.
Register in one or more social networks that provide users with opportunities for publications, announcements and other information. You will be able to place a message on your wall for the records, share it with your contacts, put in one of the interest groups, all it will cost you absolutely for free.
Find out which Newspapers and other publications for ad placement are available in your city. Contact the editors and request the publication of an announcement about the services. Depending on the type of publication ad is available as a free or paid basis.
Try to act the classical method, and use the planks and boards for ads in your city. Choose the most public places, as well as those associated with the services offered in your ad. Check local regulations to avoid placing ads in the wrong places.
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