You will need
  • - table of dates;
  • - historical maps.
If you need to quickly learn a whole section or even the entire textbook, divide the desired material into blocks. It can be historical periods or different regions at the same time. Read the material does not separate paragraphs, and paragraphs or blocks. If we are talking about one and the same period in different countries, highlight the similarities and differences between them and write down. Learning this date, remember what happened in the same year in the neighboring country.
Learning the material in different historical periods, first of all, highlight something new that has happened in every epoch compared with the previous, and that disappeared. This will allow you to present the historical process of development, and then you will be able to tell you about every period more or less connected even if you forget some date or name.
Try not to memorize the material word for word. Any text you must first understand, and then the process of remembering is much easier. Set a plan for the story, it can even record. Highlight the most important points. Install between them a logical connection. Think what words you could tell about this event. Scientific terms, use necessarily, but learn how to explain them.
Reading the paragraph, imagine the events in question, as well as the heroes of these events. Try to answer the questions, what were people, what clothes they wore, what they had. Remember their names and learn to pronounce them. Use all types of memory that you have. Summarize the paragraph on the plan, but in your own words.
Determine what dates the main and which are secondary. Remember the most important dates. This is the beginning and end of a particular historical period and the dates of major events. Retell the text, using story date.