You will need
  • Material on the history
Start to read the paragraph or Chapter. In no case need not proceed to the memorization of dates. Find a quiet place, relax, make sure that you will not be distracted. Proceed to the reading material. In order to stay in your head, try to use your imagination. Reading the Chapter about the battle for example, as vividly as possible imagine it like you are watching a movie. Reading about the Palace coups, and think how they occurred, the details present events. Pay attention to historical figures. You can also watch a film about those events that you need to learn.
After that, try to remember the movie you "recorded". As soon as you notice some fault in the events, then look in the textbook. Repeat this process until the picture will not be complete and clear. The most important thing here is concentration. Only fully surrendering to the process, you will be able to achieve success. So put aside all business and direct all attention to the story.
Go to the dates, terms and definitions. Of course, there will have to memorize. To facilitate memorization and orientation dates need to tie them to the events. For example, knowing that the battle of Borodino happened in 1812. To the question "when Napoleon came to power," we conclude that in the early nineteenth century. Remembering a couple events that we will be able to determine the date most accurately. Try to always assign dates to multiple events.