In 2011, early submission of the exam in history held on 29 April, basic commissioning – June 14. The exam begins at 10:00 local time in all Russian regions. The history exam is given 210 minutes.
Now there are a large number of courses offering help in preparing for the exam. These lessons are not history, and help in the development of the format of the exam. At these sessions you will talk about the features of test items and their wording, you will learn to allocate time to perform tasks, learn about common mistakes students will be able to take the practice test options.
If you want to engage individually with the teacher, choose a teacher with sufficient experience of preparation for the exam. To do just with a good connoisseur of the history can be interesting and useful, but not sufficient for effective delivery of the exam.
Experts believe that the best way to prepare for the exam - pass in advance as many options of tests you can find in bookstores and on the Internet.

At the moment there are many publications that can be useful. For example:
1) Y. V. Soloviev, the Most complete edition of standard options real jobs use 2011. History

2) Govorkova E. A. exam 2011. Typical test tasks. History
In addition, many Internet sites offer to take the practice test online. You can try your hand and evaluate the results.