You will need
  • Premises;
  • - business plan;
  • equipment;
  • - furniture;
  • planning and building permits;
  • - food, drinks;
  • - staff.
Make a business plan that will reflect industrial, financial and marketing part. If you're going to open a cafe on borrowed funds will include an investment plan with an estimated date of the release upwards and repayment schedule of the loan.
Locate the room. It should be located on a lively pedestrian street, as an option - at the intersection of highways near to metro or ground transportation. Competitive advantage is the proximity to business centers, major shopping areas and educational institutions. Well, if previously the building housed a company of the food, otherwise, requires prior permission of the authorities regarding possible placement of caterers.
Develop a design project. The interior of the cafe should be combined with the title and play it on his erection. For example, if the institution called "Daddy's farm", in the interior of the pertinent items of rural life, and if "the Ninth wave" - all sorts of symbolism in nautical style. Along with the name, you should consider the features of the service, recruitment and marketing policy.
Make repairs, purchase and arrange equipment, obtain permission regulatory authorities – Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspections. Parallel to take care of the staffing table and staff employment. The two key figures you need before the other Manager and the chef. First at the initial phase of the café can be charged to the operating work – communication with authorities, sourcing, hiring, etc., the second – development menu. It should not be large, at 5-6 meals in each section would be sufficient.
Start an ad campaign about 2 weeks before opening. Plan of action, designed for spontaneous and planned visits. Create newsworthy, write press releases and send paper and electronic media. Don't do newsworthy banal and formulaic: the more expected an event, the more likely the publication will give information about your café to the target audience.