First and foremost, hire a designer. The main thing here is to splurge and hire a real professional. The first thing the client sees, going to your restaurant or café, it's interior. Everything has to be neat, nice, definitely a white tablecloth on the table and perfect cleanliness. People come to you to relax, eat and talk, let them be comfortable. Be sure to make a separate VIP booths, where people could retire to a quiet dinner and talk about what others should not hear.
The second thing that sees the customer coming to the restaurant or café, is the staff. You must have an outgoing, educated, preppy girls and boys from 20 to 25 years, which was perfect for the role of waiters. They have a right to talk, to be beautiful in appearance, good service to customers, work quickly, be helpful, not to argue with the visitors. The courteous staff will help to promote the restaurant and attract new customers.
Go to the restaurants of competitors. Make a note of the pros and cons of interior design, kitchen, workers. View menu that they offer. Rate the variety of food and pricing is very important.
Prices for service in a café or restaurant should not be sky-high, but too low prices is unacceptable, if you do not want your place was like a cheap diner. Focus on competition, if your prices are on the level, but you have to prove that your restaurant is better and that he deserves respect customers.
Make a varied menu. Let visitors have a possibility to order not only a variety of French dishes, but also ordinary dumplings. Remember that some may leave the gym, just because you did not understand one word in the menu that they offered. Not all will be to ask what made.
The chef is the most important thing in the restaurant business. Only really good food can make a random customer permanent.
Music is very important. Best of all, if you have certain days will be live music.
Your restaurant looks perfect? It is time to attract customers. Start the action with discounts up to 15% on any occasion, not just. For example, Christmas discounts, discounts for March 8, the day of the student, and so forth, holidays very much. Be sure to order a good sign, place banner ads around the city, advertise in local TV channels, order a promotional laudatory article in the newspaper. Be sure to print colored ads, let them put up all over town, print flyers, which the students will be handing out on the street. Also, in attracting customers will help a personal website on the Internet, which is made by a professional. Is your business card, on a site is not worth saving.