Never control and not follow the direction of your glance. Don't stop at this, think of the movement of their eyes as this.
Your attention is not intended to cover a certain area of the page, and the whole continuous text. Make your view wide. While reading try to capture the view, the greatest possible amount of information.
You don't have to move eyes from side to side, trying to cover the entire horizontal line of text. Learn to see everything without making eye movements.
If a certain word or phrase caught your attention, stop vision and focus is on this region. Thus, you are interested in remembering the word, you unknowingly will remember what was the whole text.
Stick technique selective reading. The gist of it is that you need to read only a few lines per page, spending for it no more than twenty seconds. Such a reading aims to save you time. Captured your keywords match a common phrase. So you'll get a clear idea of the text, you will find its a common theme.
Learn how to avoid such turns of phrase as: "we can assume", "it follows that", "in conclusion, we propose the following". These phrases do not carry any substantial information. The technique of reading diagonally involves the extraction of text only meaning and main ideas. But such turns of phrase just dilute the information you need, so skip them.
When reading the book always follow the rules of reading exclusively, starting from the top left corner to the bottom right, which actually is the diagonal. Read the text, stopping only on the main points and selected phrases, if any.
Never re-read already read or viewed the text. So you will confuse your brain. Stopping at some sentence or paragraph, your brain will focus only on the amount of information and will be worse to accept the following facts of the text. So give equal time to all the sections of the book.