It is not necessary to say read each word (amazing, but the sound of words in my head takes the same time that out loud). Remember that getting rid of this habit ensures not only increase reading speed, but also the best memory and perception of the text.
Try to learn how to break words into small groups, and to perceive them without reading each word individually. Very often, those who read slowly, also make mental pause after each word. Very easy to train such a skill with a regular newspaper articles, divided into columns - each of them is always placed not more than 4-5 words, and it's easier to gradually learn to see and understand the line as a whole.
Not read just read the text several times - it will help you set up a quick reading of the brain.
Gradually learn to break the text into meaningful parts, before it ran through his eyes. This is especially true in academic texts from a variety of manuals and textbooks. In fact, cursory reading to be afraid. Start with what you try to run the eyes of a couple of lines and understand their main sense, highlighting, and memorizing basic words. Also an easy "jog" in the text before reading will help to understand the basic idea of the author. And especially it is necessary to view complex texts. It can be done and after reading - so the material will freshen up and is fixed in the head.