You will need
  • tutorial shorthand or computer with Internet;
  • - school notebook 2 line;
  • - a few pens;
  • - stopwatch;
  • player;
  • record speech and songs.
To learn to write shorthand with the teacher and independently. The advantage of the first method lies in the fact that a good teacher will help you choose the best system and put arm. But the teachers of this discipline are now not so often. If you failed to find it, start to study independently. Select the tutorial. It can be as print edition and the website.
Make time to study. Prepare you for months of three-four will have to do every day for about three hours. One hour pay theory, the two take on exercise. Even if you can't find so much time every day do not interrupt classes. In very busy days, practice at least half an hour.
Learn the shorthand alphabet and compound characters. First, memorize them visually. Then start to write. Do the exercises in the order of presentation of the textbook. Don't be surprised that the first shorthand no advantage in speed does not. On the contrary, to write at first, you need to very slowly and very carefully. Transfer the outlines of the marks and their size as accurately as possible. Otherwise you may have difficulties in deciphering records. Don't forget to read what I wrote.
Daily practice in reading shorthand notes. Training should go hand in hand. Be sure to read and the examples from the textbook and what you have written. Mark the mistakes and correct them. Pay special attention to the faces of those signs, which caused difficulty when reading.
Repeat the rules of the Russian language, in particular drawing attention to the composition of the word. In shorthand signs for prefixes, roots, suffixes and endings are different. It is therefore necessary to be clear about what part of speech you are dealing with. Repeat for the formation of compound words.
Learning smoothly and write clearly in notebook for first graders, move the tiles in the line. Try to observe the faces, the slope and the size of the icons. Having mastered any element, begin gradually introduce it into your notes. Write quickly, but accurately.
Control yourself with a stopwatch. When you make sure that you already write at a speed of 60 characters per minute, try recording the words of the song. Select to the beginning of that which is written in a medium or slow pace. Gradually move to faster works. If you do not have time to remember the icon, don't stop, and record right place as you prefer. Over time, you will cease to wonder how this or that character. Writing the words to the song, listen to it again and check what you get.