You will need
  • screwdriver spare parts for fan, brush, soldering iron.
First of all you must disconnect the fan from power supply. In any case, do not attempt to repair the fan, plugged in. It is fraught with shock. You must produce a primary inspection device to detect breakage. It is also necessary to take into account "symptoms", which was preceded by a complete cessation of operation of the fan. If the fan sparks and made a crackling sound, it is better not to try to fix it yourself, as it could simply burn. In this case, it is necessary to include in a specialized workshop.
Repair can full disassembly of the fan. To do this, remove the protective grid, which prevents touching the rotating fan blades. Usually it is secured with several small screws which you should Unscrew. Also check the user manual for your fan. Usually there is a sample list of problems and their causes. Also the manual has a diagram of the device, which will help you to disassemble the fan. After removing the protection you need to carefully check the integrity of the fan blades. They should not be any scratches and chips. If any, then you need to look for the cause. Probably got some item or the defense was a little skewed.
If the fan blades are all in order, you need to remove the fan. To do this it needs to get together with a motor. On the opposite side, locate the nut or bolt that you must loosen. After this the blades can be removed. Carefully inspect the pin, on which blades fasten. There should not be any dirt and dust. If there is, then it must be removed. Very often fall through the safety net the hair wound on the pin and cause breakdown.
Carefully check all the wiring. Remove the protective cover and explore adhesions. Perhaps the wiring is broken or spike. If the cord is damaged, it is best to replace it with a new one. Also inspect the motor of the fan. It should not smell burnt. If the motor emits a burnt odor, most likely it is blown. In this case, it needs to be replaced. When the problem is fixed, assemble the fan in reverse order and test it. Remember that fans of Chinese production is usually not repairable as it is made from low quality materials.