To start try to decide what you're drinking Seltzer. There are different types of mineral water, each of which helps different ailments. Properties and action of water is usually written on the label: don't forget to pay attention to when buying the product. This water is used for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, intestines, ulcers, cardio-vascular system. In these cases, the dosage is prescribed by a doctor. Should not be treated on the principle "the more, the better." A glut of salts and minerals will not go to the body good. Also, each disease has its own nuances. For example, in gastric disorders and ulcers should release gases from the water before drinking so as not to harm the body.
You drink mineral water just for prevention? You still have to follow a few rules. Doctor-gastroenterologist Alexander Evtukhov recommends Seltzer 200-250 ml a day, not more. In this case, your body will benefit from the water, but it will not occur irritation of the stomach, you will not suffer pain in the abdomen and belching.
It is worth mentioning that, in what form to drink Seltzer. Note that a glass of warm mineral water (heated to 35-40 degrees) before meals will reduce appetite and therefore helps lose weight. Cold Seltzer, on the contrary, is the desire to eat.
Seltzer can be used not only for ingestion but also for washing. If for morning procedures you will use water from the tap, and mineral, the skin condition will improve. In some health centers filled with mineral water baths and pools, and also use it for inhalations, rinsing of the nasopharynx, the treatment of organs, gynecological diseases, etc. Seltzer can bring incredible benefits, but also about the dangers of overdoses and improper use in diseases also should not be forgotten.