You will need
  • - cow's milk;
  • - boiled water;
  • - hay dust;
  • - boiled roots;
  • - oatmeal pudding and porridge;
  • - nettle;
  • - legume hay.
Already from the third day after the birth of small piglets should be put trough their growth with clean boiled water, with the fifth day – warm cow's milk, the eighth – oatmeal and cooked oatmeal. It is necessary to cook very liquid, whole cow's milk. 10 days the diet should appear legume hay - it must finely chop and put in a separate trough. If for some reason the pig is left without sows, feed him the bottle with a nipple 14 times a day with warm cow's milk.
как кормить поросенка чтобы были прослойки
15 day diet enriched succulent feed, root vegetables, finely chopped fresh grass. All root vegetables should be peeled, boiled and mashed. 8 times a day is necessary to replace the entire dressing with fresh mash. Vegetables can be pound, and diluted fresh cow's milk. Trough thoroughly washed and scalded with boiling water.
как содержать свиней
Be sure to give pigs dry hay and hay dust sheet. It can be applied in the trough between feedings. If the pigs winter, the fertilizing, use of crushed nettles. This will replenish the stock of vitamins, and accelerate the growth of animals.
Two months from the start of feeding of one pig leaves 17 liters of whole cow's milk.
как выкормить поросят без свиноматки
In two months, piglets are transferred to full self-feeding. This period is painless, since the animals themselves eat.
как выбрать поросенка
Pigs continue to give whole milk, root vegetables, concentrates, added vitamin and mineral supplements, put in the area of permanent access trough with red clay and mineral feed. Feeding should be five.
To three months, piglets are transferred to the skim milk or serum, are released in the paddock and feed the whole period of rearing volume feed.
With 6 months of starting the final stage of fattening. Pigs give a lot of high-calorie feed, walking off.