You will need
  • rope;
  • - the spade;
  • - shovel;
  • - wheelbarrow;
  • - 3 plastic pipe;
  • - plastic film;
  • - decorative stone.
For the device of a small pond, you should select the place. The site should be removed from trees to a pond is not clogged with falling leaves.
Take a long rope and mark the contours of the pond, which should be 30 centimeters on the planned reservoir.
Remove the top layer of soil. First, use a spade, then - shovel, removing the loosened soil. The earth put to a car. The top layer of topsoil can be laid under the currant bushes, raspberries, or under fruit trees.
Remove the second layer of the earth. Fold it separately – it is useful for leveling the soil bed in the pond.
For removing the bottom layer you will need circomedia, as the soil at the base of the rocky. This soil also fold separately. It can serve as a substrate for plants in the water.
The bed of the pond plan with great precision. It should be everywhere of equal depth. At unequal height of water can be shed in a low spot.
If you have planned the area of the pond is 3.5 m, its depth should be 0.5 m – Give your pond a semicircular or oval shape.
Having base for the pond, lay her the pipe. Two tubes of plastic material would provide the required water circulation. Move the third pipe to discharge water if it is overflow from the pond during rain. It should be available for cleaning. For the winter drain the water from the pond, and the pipe block.
Take polyethylene film with a thickness of 1 mm and cover a pond. If there is not enough film on the entire area, then glue waterproof glue two pieces. Choosing the color of the film, do not forget that it will depend on the shade of your suburban pond. Fill the pit with water.
If desired, set in the middle of the pond small fountain. In the store you will find a special pump for fountains. The maximum effect from such a fountain will be, if satisfied, multicolored lights. For this you will need a low voltage transformer from 12 to 36 volts.
Shore of the pond decorate with pebbles or decorative stone. In two weeks, don't forget to decorate your cottage pond floating plants: water hyacinth, frog vodokras.