Before digging the pond, it is necessary to determine its location. It is important that the pond was not under the scorching sun, in harmony with the surrounding landscape and was visible from the house. Well, if there will grow trees that will provide shade. When the optimal location for a pond is found, it is necessary to identify its shape and size. This is done by means of a rope.
How to build a pond
You then need to dig a pit for the pond. Make sure that the angle of slope is 30°. Otherwise the soil will eventually slide and cover the pond. Clean the bottom of the pit from the roots and other objects such as stones, debris. They can damage the film. You can make a raised bottom, dig a pit stairs. Then in the pond in the shallow, middle and deep parts. If the depth of detegent meters, in the pond it will be possible to start fishing, she'll be able to spend the winter.
How to build a pond
After this you should cover the bottom and sides of the pit with a special film. It is sold in specialized stores. The joints of the film are glued together with waterproof glue. On the shore of the pond you need to make the overlap of tape. The film need to be fixed, covered with earth from the excavation. You should then put the scenic rocks. They will decorate the pond and fix the film. The pond can be decorated to your taste: put plants, pour sand or pebbles.
How to build a pond