You will need
    • fine granulated sugar - 2 glasses;
    • water - 0.5 cups;
    • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice.
Add the sugar to the pan and fill it with warm boiled water. Stir it well and simmer until the sugar is dissolved. After the syrup boils, on the surface a white foam. Remove it the usual spoon.
Covering the pan with a lid, continue to boil the syrup to sample the "soft ball". For such samples from time to time with a teaspoon take out of the pan a little boiling syrup and drop it in a bowl of cold water. After one minute the contents of a teaspoon try to roll into a ball. If the bulb does not work, give the syrup another boil. At the end of cooking the syrup, add one teaspoon of lemon juice. It can be replaced with citric acid.
After cooking the syrup as quickly as possible cool. This pan with it, place in a bowl of cold water or ice. The surface of the syrup sprinkle with cold water to prevent the formation of crust.
After cooling the syrup, whisk (10-15 minutes) with a wooden spatula until a homogeneous white mass. The resulting mass is called fondant. To store the fondant cover with a damp cloth and tightly close the pot lid. As necessary, you will be able to take part of the harvested mass, heat it in a water bath and used for decorating pastry.