You will need
    • • Fresh salted bacon – 300 – 500 g;
    • • Ground black pepper – 2 teaspoons;
    • • Garlic – 3 cloves;
    • • Bay leaf – 2 PCs.
Slightly frozen bacon cut into narrow strips up to a width of four inches. The product did not cling to the knife, pre-sharpen, and a well cool tool.
Chopped pieces thoroughly and RUB proselyte much pepper or mixture of peppers ready. Salt is recommended to take large, but the pepper should be a small fraction.
Cloves of garlic crush with a knife or the special tool and RUB them sides of each slice of bacon. Take in fat the slits to 0.5 cm and put in them a couple of broken Bay leaves.
The resulting billet is put in the refrigerator and leave overnight. During this time the fat will have time to absorb all the spices and the aroma of the Bay leaf. Be sure to cover the bacon, or together with the aroma of spices will absorb it and the smell of the refrigerator.
Cook the bacon in a double boiler or a slow cooker. If you do not have a regular steamer, it's not scary. Put the slices in a colander, which, in turn, place in a pot with water (so the blender) so that the colander does not touch the surface of the water. Put the saucepan on the fire, bring to boil and leave on for at least 40 minutes. This time will be enough for gentle and soft fat. However, if you took the solid pieces, then boil better hour, and sometimes two.
Willingness fatand check with a fork: the bacon ready in case if the fat is easily punctured. remove the dish and let it "rest" on the rough canvas (for example, drain bacon on towel). Decorate with greens, add some sliced garlic and serve with black bread.