In many applications, the toolbar work with fonts looks the same. It includes fields to customize the style, sizeand format and color. So to change size of letters in Microsoft Office Word and Excel, open the document to which you want to change, highlight the relevant text or a group of cells.
Go to the Home tab and scroll to "Font". Using the drop-down list in the "font Size" to select the desired value or type it on the keyboard and press Enter. You can also use hot-keys Ctrl, Shift, and Latin [P] to call up the dialog box "Font". Another option: right click mouse on a selected fragment and choose the context menu "Font".
In the graphic editors, the context menu "Font" becomes available when the user selected the Text tool. It looks like a button with Latin lettersOh [T]. Click it, type some text, select it and on the formatting toolbar, select text from the drop down menu the desired value in the field "font Size".
If your text is a three-dimensional object (e.g. it was created using the Text tool Generator in the app MilkShape 3D), select the object and click the Scale button in the Model tab in the Tools group. Enter the value that should be increased or decreased by the letterss, x, y, and z, and then click Scale in the Scale group Options as many times as required.
To change the size of the font for different elements of the system, click the right mouse button on the desktop, in the shortcut menu, select "Properties". Or open "control Panel" via "start" button and select the category "appearance and themes" icon "Screen." In the opened window go to the tab "appearance".
In the "font Size" select from the drop down list the desired value. If that's not enough, click on the "Advanced" button, select in a new window, the size of the letters for which you want to change. Will be additional options for customization. Find the "Font" and enter in the Size field, the value that you need. Apply the settings.