Advice 1: How to change size of letters

When working on the computer, the user may want to change the size of the font in different situations: to format the text in the editor to customize the various elements of the system. To change the size of the letters, you need to consult in specified instruments.
How to change size of letters
In many applications, the toolbar work with fonts looks the same. It includes fields to customize the style, sizeand format and color. So to change size of letters in Microsoft Office Word and Excel, open the document to which you want to change, highlight the relevant text or a group of cells.
Go to the Home tab and scroll to "Font". Using the drop-down list in the "font Size" to select the desired value or type it on the keyboard and press Enter. You can also use hot-keys Ctrl, Shift, and Latin [P] to call up the dialog box "Font". Another option: right click mouse on a selected fragment and choose the context menu "Font".
In the graphic editors, the context menu "Font" becomes available when the user selected the Text tool. It looks like a button with Latin lettersOh [T]. Click it, type some text, select it and on the formatting toolbar, select text from the drop down menu the desired value in the field "font Size".
If your text is a three-dimensional object (e.g. it was created using the Text tool Generator in the app MilkShape 3D), select the object and click the Scale button in the Model tab in the Tools group. Enter the value that should be increased or decreased by the letterss, x, y, and z, and then click Scale in the Scale group Options as many times as required.
To change the size of the font for different elements of the system, click the right mouse button on the desktop, in the shortcut menu, select "Properties". Or open "control Panel" via "start" button and select the category "appearance and themes" icon "Screen." In the opened window go to the tab "appearance".
In the "font Size" select from the drop down list the desired value. If that's not enough, click on the "Advanced" button, select in a new window, the size of the letters for which you want to change. Will be additional options for customization. Find the "Font" and enter in the Size field, the value that you need. Apply the settings.

Advice 2: How to change the font color on the desktop

Not every user will like the standard desktop layout and the entire environment of operating system Windows 7. If you wanted something unusual in the design, or my eyes are tired of the white color font, you can change the default settings to create your unique graphic design.
How to change the font color on the desktop
You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - administrator rights.
Click on the "start" button and select "control Panel". Look for the "theme" section and click on it. You go into the settings area of graphic design Windows 7. Can also click on the shortcut "My computer" located on your desktop personal computer. Next, in the left side, find the tab called "control Panel".
Find it in the list on the left, the item "Change color scheme" and click on it with the mouse. Open the "window Color and appearance" window where you can choose different color schemes with a ready-chosen color combinations of the panels, Windows and fonts. Operating systems typically present a huge range of different colors that can be applied in the application software and the operating system.
If you are not satisfied with the choice of operating system, click on "other" located at the bottom of the window. You will find yourself in the area of fine-tuning graphic design. Here you can specify the color for each element in the graphic Windows environment.
Click on "Item" to bring up the entire list of items whose color can be changed. Locate the desired item and set any color. You can also select the item shown in the window at the top, just by clicking on it with the mouse. If this item is available font settings, button settings are activated.
There are various graphical mini-apps that change the desktop settings in a most peculiar way. You can find on the Internet these applications using search engines. However, it is important to understand the fact that some programs may contain malicious codes, so for reliability data, use of the licensed software.
LESSON "How to change font color". Dear friends! In this tutorial you will learn how to use HTML to change the color of the font of your written text. For this purpose, the container text with the color attribute and the desired value (the name or color code in hexadecimal notation), specified in quotes.
Useful advice
Change the color of the text. In Office Word 2007 to quickly format text, you can use the mini-toolbar with formatting options. When selecting new color theme to various parts of the document are automatically formatted as a single set of colors. On the page Layout tab, in the Themes group, click theme Colors. Note. If you want to change fonts, colors and layout of the document, instead of a button to the theme Color, click Themes.
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