You will need
  • -elastic band;
  • -comb.
You must immediately become aware of the fact that the tail with the "cock" is in any case not ordinary badly combed hair, tied in a bunch. This hairstyle to do the more carefully and accurately than traditional styling. Also try to predict how you will treat your hair surrounding the event for which you are preparing. Obviously, such styling would be more appropriate in informal youth environment, not for serious business negotiations.
To start, thoroughly wash the head and dry the hair. On unwashed hair "roosters" will look very untidy. Next, comb the hair, taking them back. Use a massage brush or a brush made of pig bristles – it is easier to beautifully style your hair and make them more "obedient".
Slightly pull out a few strands of hair slightly to the side from the top: "cocks" should not be symmetrical. Try to create them as naturally as possible. Make 2-3 speakers hide-and-seek, a little stir them with a comb or fingers. Strands get not much.
Select the height at which the tail will be fixed – it depends entirely on your desire. To fix ponytail is very simple by using the most ordinary elastic bands or barrettes. If desired, the tail can even be fixed on the side. Clipping a barrette or elastic band, try to ensure that the projecting strands do not "dragged" back.
Comb fixed tail. The strands-"the roosters" a little spray of hairspray. However, be careful not to overdo with it, because the hair needs to seem natural as possible.
Note that for this hairstyle it is very important that the hair was evenly colored. Otherwise the strand will open out the roots of hair of a different color, and overall appearance hairstyles will be far from perfect.