You will need
  • Two photographs, the programme Fotoshop.
To begin, select two photos that you wish to connect one. Open both images in photoshop.
Now in column tools on the left select the Move Tool (V) and drag one image to another.
Get the same size for both pictures. To do this, activate the top layer and select the tool Free Transform Tool (Ctrl+T).
If the border tool comes out of the border of the canvas, hit Ctrl+O, and then change the size of the images, hold down the Shift key. When the result you want, press Enter.
If you need to raise or lower the bottom layer, press the Move Tool (V) and safely move the bottom image. If you popped up the error, rename the bottom layer by pressing Alt and double-clicking on the Background.
Now mix up your layers. To do this, select the top layer and click add layer masks. A mask icon will appear next to your chosen layer, and it will be painted white.
Next, you need to fill the layer mask black to white gradient. Click on the toolbar on the left the Gradient Tool (G).
Accessing the settings of the gradient, select black color in the table in third.
Press Shift and hold a label between the layers where the gradient should begin and end. If the result does not satisfy you, then hit Ctrl+Z and select the box mix again.
Now you can connect, or rather, to merge both layers into one, to do this, select Layer 1 and press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E. a new layer called Layer 2, and you can see it third in the list of your layers. Save the resulting image.
Save the resulting image. Congratulations, you have combined two pictures in one, and now, guided by your imagination, you can create an original photo, adding noise or changing the colors are what you want. Good luck!