The phase of the moon can be viewed in the lunar calendar. You can buy it in any kiosk or shop that sells Newspapers and magazines. In addition, Internet users can just download. In addition to the current moon phase in the lunar calendar you will be able to read what to do and what not should be taken at this time. You can also see when the waning moon will change the growing, and to plan their Affairs in accordance with this schedule.
To know the phase of the moon can be in a conventional tear-off calendar or in the newspaper, in the column, which publishes weather the next few days.
There is a way of determining the phases of the moon, known to many from childhood. To month mentally put a stick (and for clarity, you can use the index finger). If it turns out the letter "R", it means the moon is growing. If "P" is deployed in the opposite direction – decreasing. It should be remembered that in the southern hemisphere the opposite is true - the letter "R" would mean that the moon is on the wane.
If you want to know the moon is increasing or decreasing, observe the heavenly body. Logically, if a few days the moon has become more, then it grows, and if the Crescent moon each night decreases, the moon is waning.
Look at the surrounding plants. During waxing moon, they grow faster and consume more moisture, but when the Crescent moon begins to decrease, the life processes are slowed down.
To determine the phase of the moon, do not have to look at the sky or at a calendar. Listen to yourself. During the waxing moon you are full of energy, you want to work and create, you experience an emotional lift. The body digests the food and you almost don't feel tired. During the waning moon the body powers are on the decline. At this time you feel a lack of vitality, weakens the immune system, everything goes wrong.