Wear slimming shapewear. Many believe that walking in it uncomfortable. But in reality, if the articles are good quality, they should not cause the slightest feeling of discomfort. Body-shaping underwear has the following advantages:- hides the excess fat on the waist and other parts of the body;
- absorbs moisture;
- stimulates blood flow to the skin surface;
- protects against all sorts of bacteria and germs;
- prevents penetration into the body of gynecological infections;
- restores skin firmness and smoothness;
- promotes the burning of fat deposits under the skin;
- prevents the formation of fat;
- helps to slow down skin aging.
Hide flanks the right kind of clothes. With this purpose, try to wear colorful jewelry, made of thick loose fabric. The top should not tuck into the skirt or pants. If necessary, put on a skirt with low hips. Also visually Slims the figure, a wide belt or strap.
Try using certain clothing styles, cuts, and adornments to distract attention from the sides to the neck or chest. You can also wear a blouse in the form of a trapezoid, dresses and tunics.
Hide side is still possible even if to wear a swimsuit. It needs to be solid, and the sides have dark vertical or asymmetrical fixings or rows of buttons. Such details visually slim the figure. Not less effective and this technique of masking as the use when sewing a swimsuit colorful fabrics. And with the help of a certain way of dedicated lines and contours of the picture to give the figure a slightly different form.
To hide of sides is always possible, whatever they may be. To do this, learn how to choose clothes and accessories, diverting the attention to other areas of the body.