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  • Consultations and treatments.
Try peeling is a set of procedures for the alignment and cleansing of the skin, which removes the top layer of dead skin cells. After this procedure, there is a healthy and supple appearance of the skin is a natural facial rejuvenation.
Swipe the procedure of the cryotherapy – cold therapy. The skin is exposed to cold gas with a temperature of minus 140 degrees. Quite a few of these treatments below the skin to make smoother and adjust it.
Make cryomassage in beauty salons. Skin exposed to liquid nitrogen. Under its action the pores are narrowed and the skin is leveled. At home you can do massage with ice – the effect will not be worse. After this procedure the blackheads and pimples will come to naught. The skin becomes lighter and decreases the activity of the sebaceous glands.
Try the procedure darsonvalization is the effect on the skin of high-frequency currents. This procedure can be done at home. In commercially available apparatuses of Dawsonville, they are extremely effective. By purchasing this, you will receive a beauty salon at home.
It is possible to carry out mechanical peeling – spraying of microparticles under a lot of pressure, cutting off unnecessary cells of the epidermis. The degree of pressure of the particles is regulated, achieving the effect of what you desire. The convenience of this peel is that there is no chance of infection and no pain. At home mechanical exfoliation can only maintain the skin soft and smooth, not removing traces of pimples, freckles and age spots. Use scrubs based on sugar, salt or natural abrasives.