For removing scars and small pits from the rash use cocoa butter. Apply it on the affected area and in a few minutes easily massage skin with fingertips, increasing blood flow. Cocoa helps to improve skin elasticity and can help to reduce roughness.
In pharmacies there are currently a diverse range of medicinal drugs can help you to get rid of the problem. But before you buy tools, you should consult with a specialist who will tell you what tool you should buy.
Spend every day face massage. Do it in circular motions with fingertips. This exercise will allow you to increase the blood flow to the skin. Improved circulation will help to restore the cell regeneration of the epidermis, and your skin will acquire a healthy appearance.
Visit the dermatologist. Talk to him about the possibility of using special fillers, which are introduced in the place of formation of pits. After holding the point of injection, the skin cells will thicken and holes smoothed.
If your skin suffered extensive damage, think about carrying out a chemical peel. The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that with the help of chemical acids will be very carefully removed the outer layer of the skin in the affected area. Under the supervision of a dermatologist the procedure is not dangerous. But certainly you will be deprived of reason to worry.
It is possible that you will be invited to perform microdermabrasion. During this procedure, a dermatologist with the help of small tool will remove the damaged top layer of the skin using microcrystals.
In order to continue to avoid blemishes, use products containing the complex of alpha - and beta – hidrociclon, retinol, azelaic acid. The use of these drugs to reduce the symptoms of acne and the risk of deep pits, spoiling your appearance. Simultaneously with these drugs, it is desirable to use camphor and menthol.