You will need
  • - consultation of the pediatrician;
  • - medicinal herbs (decoction);
  • - antipyretics;
  • - onion, garlic;
  • - akvamaris, Fiziomer marker or other means;
  • - interferon or kipferon.
Don't panic. The main thing - do not make mistakes that are usually committed by many parents in this situation. Do not coddle the child. The kids have imperfect mechanisms of thermoregulation and you can cause overheating. Wrap the baby may lead to a sharp rise in temperature.
Take your time with antipyretic, until the temperature rises above 38-38.5 s. Caution if the child had seizures on temperature. In this case, the admission of antipyretics is shown already at 37.5 C. Give the child a decoction of lime flowers (instilled into mouth pipette). You can brew tea bags (1 tea bag per Cup of boiling water). Also helps decoction of chamomile (calendula). It also instilled in her mouth and you can wash the nose in case of runny nose. Do it better with a special rubber bag. For washing, you can use ready-made tools (akvamaris, fiziomer marker or other means). After washing the mucus from the nose, remove with a cotton flagellum.
Do not give antibiotics to doctor's appointments. Their use is justified only in severe cases. Try, for starters, physical methods of cooling. Undress the child and remove the diaper. Wipe the handle with a cloth dipped in cool water ( around +18 - + 20C ). Let the baby drink plenty of water (a decoction or juice), feed him the breast on demand.
If the temperature fails to bring down, use antipyretics. For toddlers shape of the candles is very convenient, because it is not easily angered stomach. Candles you can use different companies (set, Nurofen). Use suppositories Viferon or kipferon to enhance the baby's immunity and speed up recovery.
Often ventilate the room, do wet cleaning. In the room in several places, put a saucer with cloves of peeled garlic and onions. This will help to neutralize viruses present in the air of the room.